The Darasinsky mining and processing plant

Доросино 6.jpgOn of May, 21st 2019 a memorial sign in honour of the Darasinsky mining and processing plant commencement of construction, where JSC “Trest Shahtospecstroy” is the main contractor was installed in Soligorsk district.

Доросино 4.JPGThe Darasinsky mining and processing plant field is located under the territories of Soligorsk, Luban and Slutsk districts. There will be an administrative and household unit and two mine shafts. The new mine will be a raw material base for the third production unit and will provide it with mineral products at least for 50 years in perspective. Доросино 3.jpgThe potash reserves are planned to be extracted by two horizons (the third and fourth) at depths from 499m to 1km. The potash will be processed at a sylvinite concentrator of PU-3. In order to supply ore it is planned to construct an overground conveyor gallery 7.2 km long.

Доросино 1.jpgSince April 2019 JSC “Trest Shahtospecstroy” has started to carry out works on the object: "The PU-3 raw material base maintenance of JSC “Belaruskali” through the Darasinsky mining and processing plant construction. Preparation period. The second stage. Drilling of pilot holes for skip and cage shafts and three hydrogeological wells".

Доросино 2.jpgIn the shortest possible time (2.5 months), drilling was carried out with the coring of pilot hole “1K” to a depth of 851m and three hydrogeological wells. This allowed the customer to significantly reduce the time required to project freezing wells and speed up of the Darasinsky mining and processing plant construction.

Доросино 5.jpgAt the moment, the drilling of the fourth (additional) hydrogeological well has been completed, and work on drilling with core sampling at the 2K control well is in progress. Today, the mark is 525 meters. In the near future, the third potash horizon will be opened.

All works are carried out strictly according to the project documentation. The drill sample recovery is over 90% that exceeds the project target. The vertical position of wells done by JSC “Trest Shahtospecstroy” is much higher than the project target.

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