The Krasnoslobodsky Production Unit

Красная 3.JPGThe Krasnoslobodsky Production Unit which aim is to replenish the ore base of PU2 was launched on February 14, 2003. On May 8, 2009, the first phase of the mine was extracted. The first stage of the PU construction was hosted by President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko.

Красная 4.JPGIn 2008, the maximum rate of penetration in the shaft No. 1 of the Krasnoslobodsky PU was 57 meters per month. of The Krasnoslobodsky PU skip and cage shafts were sunk by the shaft-sinking department with the depth of 702 m and 636 m respectively. The construction period of the skip shaft was 56 months, including the preparatory period - 23 months, the cage shaft - 55.4 months, including the preparatory period - 20 months. Maximum penetration rates were achieved on the skip shaft - 57 m/month by a conventional method, on the cage shaft - 47 m/month (the standard rate of shaft-sinking in normal conditions is 40 m/month). The shaft-sinking works . Красная 2.jpgwere performed to a high standard. 

The high quality of special works carried out in aquifers freezing is an important part of success. The inflow into the groundwater aquifer is completely excluded.

Красная 5.jpgThe method of sinking the shafts used by JSC “Trest Shahtospecstroy” has been long tested and is the safest in the mining and geological conditions of the Belarusian potash basin.

Красная 6.JPGThanks to the effort of the mining and capital department of JSC “Trest Shahtospecstroy”:

- for the first time in the history of Belaruskali the “K-C” fault was crossed by mining excavations. The western block was opened by four inclines. 70% of the northern and southern directions of the western block were prepared;

- the second potassium horizon was opened by two inclines and the ore warehouse was built.

At 2 a.m., 30.07.2020 Mining and capital unit №3 of the MCD (ПКС-8 №46) finished the boring of the research working, which crossed the II Potash horizon of PU-5! The thickness of the silvinite layer at the autopsy site was respectively: 1 silvinite layer – 0.95 meters; 2 silvinite layer − 0.73 meters; 3 silvinite layer − 0.60 meters.

The opening of the II Potash horizon opens up additional opportunities for ore mining at the PU-5.

Красная 1.JPGThe high rate was achieved through well-coordinated joint work of the JSC “Belaruskali” and JSC “Trest Shahtospecstroy” labor collectives. The primary activity directions of JSC “Trest Shahtospecstroy” are geological exploration, freezing of soils, shaft-sinking by a special method, reaching the horizon, development of the main directions in reserves of mine workings.

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