Service facilities

Service facilities

JSC «Trest Shahtospecstroy» is a modern, high-potential, multi-profile enterprise with more than 2000 qualified employees.

To ensure the smooth operation of the four main departments (SSD, MCD, MTD, RCED) the Company operates a variety of service facilities: woodworking unit, delivery and warehousing facilities unit, heating and ventilation systems and drainage unit, power grid operation and maintenance unit, dispatching department, electrotechnical laboratory, concrete batching facility, metal structure and mining equipment production unit etc.

Диспетчерская служба.jpgDispatching department

The main task is to optimize the use of transport and special equipment to minimize the cost of timely delivery of goods, materials and labor to the objects of our own construction contract, for the purposes of our primary production activities. Together with the MTD, daily management and coordination of the use of transport and special equipment, machines and logistics.

УДиСХ.jpgDelivery and warehousing facilities unit

The main tasks are: - to perform loading and unloading operations when receiving and shipping the company’s inventory items;

- rational placement, maintenance and compliance of storage mode of inventory items;

- organization of equipment and cargo transportation;

- assembling, release and delivery of materials and equipment to the Company’s Units according to weekly and daily requests.

УМКиГШО.jpgMetal structure and mining equipment production unit

The main aims are: production of metal structures and mining equipment; plasma cutting of metal, bending, soldering, painting, mechanical tooling; production of blanks by progressive methods of processing parts using modern equipment and the most progressive technologies.

БРУ.JPGConcrete batching facility

The main task – a year-round manufacture, in required quantity and appropriate quality, of reinforced concrete products, concrete, mortar mixes, reinforcing mesh, carcasses, sand for sandblasting, sand and crushed stone mix for the production support of building and assembly works produced by JSC «Trest Shahtospecstroy», with the ability of realization to third-party organizations.

ДОУ.JPGWoodworking unit

The primary aim is sawing timber out of wood products, drying, joinery production for the JSC «Trest Shahtospecstroy» Units use and their activities support, with the ability of realization to third-party organizations.

ЭТЛ.jpgElectrotechnical laboratory

The electrotechnical laboratory performs the following works:

- testing of protection equipment: electrically-insulating gloves and shoes, insulating pliers up to 1 kV, clip-on instrument up to 1 kV, electrically insulated hand tool up to 1 kV, voltage indicators up to 1 kV;

− ¬ high rectified voltage testing: power cable lines up to 10 kV (inclusive);

− high voltage testing: electrical equipment of stations and substations, solid-state dielectrics up to 10 kV (inclusive);

− high voltage testing: electrical equipment (electrical motors with a capacity of less than 1 MWt, power transformers, switchgear and control gears, connecting bars, devices, power and lighting networks, AC and DC secondary circuits with a voltage of up to 1000 V, power cable lines);

− measurement of electrical equipment insulation resistance;

− earthing devices: checking the presence of a circuit between a ground-wire and the groundable parts; earthing devices resistance measurement; testing the "phase-zero" circuit (zero circuit) in electrical installations up to 1 kV with the direct neutral grounding.

ТВСиК.jpgHeating and ventilation systems and drainage unit.

The primary tasks are: – ventilation systems and drainage installation;

− cold and hot water supply to the Company and its Units;

− uninterrupted heating supply to all the Units of JSC «Trest Shahtospecstroy» in autumn and winter period.

ЭиРЭС.jpgPower grid operation and maintenance unit

The primary tasks are: − uninterrupted operation of the Company's house telephone line;

− uninterrupted and efficient power supply to the Company's administrative buildings and other facilities;

− timely maintenance and repair of the Company's transformer substations and trunk cable lines of power supply.